Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions, however, please feel free to call, 337.456.5582, and we can certainly help with your inquiry.

Do you have ready made product, or is it all pre-order?
Yes, we do have cupcakes and other goodies readily available at our location. You can walk in and pick up what you need, HOWEVER, we do run out at times, so pre-ordering is helpful if you want to ensure that we have what you want, when you want it.

Do I have to purchase certain quantities?
No, you can get as little or as much as you want.

How much do the cupcakes cost?
We have pricing tiers based on quantity. The below pricing is for Standard Sized Cupcakes and with Normal Decoration (how they are sold in the shop).

1 - 11
$ 1.99
12 - 27
$ 1.89
48 - 95
$ 1.79
96 - 143
$ 1.69
144 - 215
$ 1.59
216 - 287
$ 1.49
288 +
$ 1.39

Do you sell Mini Cupcakes?
We do not sell Mini Cupcakes.

Do you sell Jumbo Cupcakes?
We do offer Jumbo sized cupcakes, they need to be pre-orderd, and start at $6.29. They are about 2.5 sizes larger than our standard size cupcakes.

Does it cost extra for customized decoration, like a different color icing, edible bows, etc.?
Yes, if you want your cupcakes to look different than how they are sold in the shop, there is an additional fee. This is determined by the extent of the decoration detail, and is priced per order. There are several factors, so it is best if you call.

Do you deliver?
Most deliveries are handled through WAITR. WAITR  is a FREE App Download from the App Store.
* No minimum order.
* A set $5.00 delivery fee.
* Large delivery area.
*100's of other local restaurants are also on Waitr!
* No more hassling with traffic or rushing to get here by closing time.
 * Search SOPHI P

We will still deliver larger corporate or wedding/party orders, as well as offer set-up options.

Do you make cakes?
We specialize in cupcakes and the customization of cupcakes. We will make a cake, however there is a 3 dozen cupcake minimum required.


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